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Here Is Why You Should Switch to Paying the Rent Online

Some people are hesitant to pay their rent online – why do this when they are used to paying the traditional way? Come to think of it, there are some benefits when paying rent online. Property owners are now offering online payment schemes to tenants, giving them an opportunity to manage their finances better, free […]

How Landlords Can Avoid Harassment Issues

Landlords need to remember that just because they own the property does not mean that they can do what they want, when they want. This is because under the law tenants have certain rights which must be respected. It is not uncommon for a landlord to find themselves on the wrong side of a judgment […]

The Basics of Rent Payments

For those who may be going out on their own for the first time, renting an apartment or home is certainly a big first step. Renting offers many advantages for those who are just starting out as they have a well maintained place to live. However, renting is considered an interim step towards eventually getting […]

Take Advantage of Online Rent Collection

Whether you are a landlord with a few homes to rent, or a property manager for hundreds of units, online rent collection solutions are available to you now. The process is convenient, easy to set up, and affordable. Eliminate manual rent collection and bookkeeping with customized websites and seamless integration to your landlord/property management software. […]

The Benefits of a Month to Month Lease

Although the most popular type of lease is one that lasts a year or longer, there are many who prefer a month to month lease because it offers greater flexibility. While long, fixed term lease agreements do bring a measure of security to the landlord in having a consistent source of rental payments and the […]

How Landlords Should Conduct Background Checks

For owners of rental property, one of the most overlooked tasked is conducting a proper background check of prospective tenants. Most landlords do not go far enough when it comes to doing a complete check, which means that a tenant with potential issues may get through. While no amount of background checking will prevent troubling […]

Electronic Rent Collection: Direct Deposit

The prevalence of online rent payment services should continue to explode in the coming years, due to a number of factors affecting the market.  Continued economic uncertainty means that young adults and families regard renting as a safer option when compared to purchasing a home.  In addition, the ongoing transition to digital commerce means that […]