Who We Are

Rent Merchant, based in Las Vegas, Nevada is a group of passionate real estate professionals who became tired of the paper shuffle and lack of suitable software required to manage properties. After a lot of searching, we found a clear void in the property software department. When we began this project, there were literally no reliable online rent payment software applications which could be trusted to reliably manage properties, tenants and accounts receivable all in one place.

We decided to do something about that, so we created Rent Merchant.

Why We Built It

There are various applications you can buy outright which assist in property management, but they have their drawbacks and further more are not readily available in all international markets. We want landlords and property managers to be able to login and check property accounts from home, work, or let’s face it, even while on vacation. Because no product existed that met our needs we hired the best programmers to develop a custom web based application which met exactly the needs of property owners, managers and the like.

Where the Idea Started

That’s where the idea and product of Rent Merchant came to be. Back in early 2004, our core philosophies being the KISS rule; Keep It Simple Stupid, we decided to create a fool-proof system that could not only process online payments quickly and easily, but also handle them in a way designed specifically for the uniqueness of the real estate industry. We realized there are some tasks that property managers and owners do which are unique, and they are unlike what a big corporation or other type of small business might do. Therefore, the software for property managers did not need to have the heavy complexity of most software packages and should be made for the everyday user.

How We Built it for Everyone

You’ll find using our software is easy for all skill levels. You don’t need to have an accounting degree or years of bookkeeping experience to use and understand Rent Merchant. The ease of adding a new tenant, to the simplicity of managing a property, finances and communications. It’s all designed to not take up your time, and can be learned in minutes rather than weeks. The value you will get from using Rent Merchant for managing your properties will be an extraordinary return on your investment.

Try out Rent Merchant online rent payment software today.