Why online bill payments are becoming more and more popular

Perhaps one of the best advantages of online bill payments is eliminating the use of paper. Banks and service providers usually ask their customers whether they would rather receive billing statements and reminders via email. Nowadays, almost all bills that are mailed can also easily (and less costly) be sent electronically. With less mail and envelopes to open and refill, this means less bother for you, as well as less footprint in the landfills.  When these firms create fewer bills, more fuel and energy can be saved on printing, processing and transporting them. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that online bill payment is a versatile scheme when it comes to environmental benefits.

Paying your bills online enables you to manage your finances (as well as your counter) at the same time. When you are not an organized or technical person, paying your bills online may seem to be a bit intimidating. You feel that it is less stressful to get a paper billing statement in the mail, prepare a check then send it back. However, in reality, online bill payment is simpler. It may take some time to set up, but the moment it is through, you can be sure that there will be no late payment charges or lost things in the mail (or the huge pile of junk on your counter) ever.

There are a number of services that can let you consolidate bill payment. Thus, when you are tired of hopping from one site to another or getting your checkbook every month at different times when payment is due, you can opt for a third-party online billing service.

They collect (scan them in some cases) and email your bills via email, as well as post them to your account, then they automatically withdraw from the account you choose on the date you designate. You can view bill calendars and get alerts every due date. Other services allow you to pay anyone from your account (at times, with a credit card or check). There is no need to remember user names and passwords when paying every bill. There is nothing easier than that.

Certainly, most of these services come with a price (just a few dollars monthly and a minimal fee for every transaction), but to a lot of people, this is so small a price to pay for all the convenience you get.

It is difficult to stay organized and stay focused on your finances when paying your bills the traditional way. When you paid the monthly fee for your cable service, the bill often gets shredded, lost in a pile of paper or filed. If there are changes in the amount or unnecessary charges to your account, this may take months before you realize it. On the other hand, if you pay online, you will be able to view your records and know right away if something is wrong. When you pay through a third party bill payment service, you can instantly view everything in one location.  This is similar to hiring the services of a professional organizer without any cost.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages, it’s time to invest in an online rent payment service for your tenants – let them be able to pay rent with credit card.