Collect Rent Online

Time and Cost Saving Benefits for Landlords & Property Managers

Collecting rent online is quick and easy with Rent Merchant. Hassle free rent collection is finally here. Now, your tenants can pay their rent with a major credit card, debit card or eCheck via ACH.

The best part isn’t the fact that you’ll save time processing processing, it’s that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. When you set your invoices to automatically recur, your tenants will automatically receive an notification that rent is due. Plus, your tenants can choose to automatically pay rent as well. No late payments, less worries. Set it and forget it.

Reduce administration time and cost associated with processing paper checks and streamline your collection process.

When you choose to collect rent online, you’re giving your tenants more options to pay which translates into timely payments, reduced accounting errors, increased cash flow and more efficient business processes.