About Us

Rent Merchant is a leading online rent payment service for landlords and property managers. Rent Merchant provides online rent payment solutions and services.

Rent Merchant launched in 2009 and is owned and operated by a team of experienced real estate and business services professionals. The company is backed by a wide range of landlords, property managers and real estate investors worldwide. Rent Merchant is privately held and based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a convenient, secure and reliable system for your tenants allowing them to easily pay their rent online.

Landlords trust our service to collect rent payments from tenants for single family and multi-family rental properties. We pride ourselves in having high quality standards and the lowest rates in the industry.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals based in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about what we can offer your company or how we can help you setup online rent payments for your tenants. Please contact us today.