The easiest way to collect rent online

Rent Merchant makes it so fast and so easy to accept rent payments
online. We can integrate with your website or give you a custom
parked page complete with your property’s logo, location, phone
numbers and more. Plus, Rent Merchant offers mobile website
compatibility allowing your tenants to pay rent on the go.

Pay rent online, its faster & easier

Rent Merchant makes it fast and easy to accept rent payments
online. Tenants automatically receive monthly rent payment
reminders a week before their rent is due to make the payment
online. The rent payment portal is compatible with all desktop
computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Accept all major credit cards, eChecks
and bank transfers

Use Rent Merchant to accept all major credit cards, eChecks and bank
transfers online. We can integrate a payment page on to your existing
website or on your mobile website allowing tenants to go directly to your
website to make a rental payment.

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The Easiest Way to Collect Rent Online

Rent Merchant is revolutionizing the rent payment system making it easier to collect rent online. No longer will your tenants have to write you checks, and no longer will you have to wait for those checks to arrive and clear. We are an easy, reliable online rent payment system, where tenants can pay using any major credit card, eCheck, or online bank transfer. We are a leading online rent payment service for landlords and property managers. Collecting rent for single, multi-family and commercial rental properties is our specialty.

Tenants Love Paying Rent Online

Rent Merchant is a win-win situation for landlords and tenants alike. We make it fast and easy to accept rent payments online via by Email, text message or your existing website. Don’t have your own website? No problem! Rent Merchant can build you a custom website complete with your property’s logo, location, phone numbers, online payment portal, available vacancies and more. Plus, our websites are mobile responsive which allows your tenants to pay rent on the go. What could be easier for your tenants than simply tapping a link to pay their rent? Tenants who pay rent with a credit card can even build up points, frequent flier miles, and cash back from participating credit card companies.

Built with Convenience and Security

Not only was Rent Merchant built for convenience and ease of use, but you can also rest assured knowing that your data is protected by the same level of security as financial institutions. We vow to provide you and your tenants with a reliable online rent payment system, accompanied by a team of knowledgeable sales and support staff who are on-hand and ready to assist you.

Tenants Want This

Tenants love using Rent Merchant because it makes sending out rent payments quick, safe and effortless.

Saves Time for Everyone

Rent Merchant saves time for both tenants and property owners/managers. Plus, it saves a stamp and envelope too!

Automated Rent Collection

Collecting rent online has never been easier. With our user-friendly interface, tenants can quickly and easily send payments to you.

Accept Any Major Credit Card

Use Rent Merchant to accept any and all major credit cards right through your website or Rent Merchant payment portal.

You Get Paid Faster

Receive rent payments faster. On average, tenants using Rent Merchant pay their rent 15% faster than snail mail.

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