10 Tips for Improving Your Property Value

Selling your home is certainly one of the bigger events in your life. This is because so much is valued in properties that any marked improvement can add thousands of dollars to the price. But unfortunately, not all improvements for your home results in adding value.

This is because some improvements work against a potential buyer when it comes to paying property taxes or worse, buyers may not be impressed with the type of improvements that are made so they balk at the price.

What follows are 10 solid tips for properly improving the value of your home. Each of these tips range from the inexpensive to those that may cost upwards of $1,000 or more, but the all have the desired effect.

1.) Paint Your Home

This is one of the simplest, yet oddly enough the most overlooked way to add real value to your home. To put a fresh coat of paint on both the inside and outside done professionally can greatly improve the appearance of your home.

2.) Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is not only more energy efficient, but it is less prone to breaking down than the traditional water tank.

3.) Spruce up the Entrance

Creating the best first impression possible starts with the front door. By improving the look of the entrance to your home, including the welcome mat and other additions, you can add great value.

4.) Simple Landscaping

A neatly trimmed lawn is certainly an advantage, but you can add a little more value as well by adding a few plants or bushes and especially by planting a tree. Remember to not go overboard, just find an area of the lawn that needs improvement and add a little something to make it work.

5.) Brighten up your Home

Get rid of any and all dark places in your home with new lighting, even if you need to add new electrical fixtures. This will help make your home look newer and certainly brighter.

6.) Update the Bathroom

Replacing anything that looks old or outdated, resurfacing the tub and even replacing the tiles can make a powerful impression for potential new buyers. Even replacing the lighting will help tremendously to make your bathroom look new.

7.) Go Green

The more energy-saving products you have in your home, the better. LED lights make a positive impression when showing off your home for sale. A ceiling fan also saves money on electric bills as well, just be sure it is a new and not and old, wobbly one.

8.) New Carpet & Flooring

If your carpet is old and worn or if your flooring is in poor shape, making changes can add considerable value to your home. You will want to weigh all the cost associated first before proceeding so you can fully benefit.

9.) Hire a Consultant

For a fee that is usually less than $100, you can have a real estate agent or other professional do an evaluation of your home and find all the areas needed for improvement. This simply service can highlight places you might not have thought of when improving your property.

10.) Clean out the garage

If you have an attached garage, clear everything out. I mean everything. The garage should be completely free of any boxes, weed whackers, spare tires, bikes and any other distractions. Also, don’t forget to clean the floor of the garage with a cement cleaner to remove any oil drippings or tire marks. This will give potential buyers the opportunity to envision their shiny cars in your garage.

These 10 suggestions can help you significantly improve the value of your home. A little investment before you put your home up on the market can result in gaining hundreds, if not several thousands of dollars on the price.